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Icen Risk is excited to launch its dedicated M&A IP practice:  Icen Risk’s M&A IP suite of products which enhance the utility and relevance of M&A insurance to the reality of today’s IP driven commercial landscape.

Against a backdrop of the hottest tech M&A and IP market to date, we have a unique proposition which brings value to the transaction environment.


Over the past year we have worked with brokers and policyholders to solve complex IP problems in the M&A and transactional context and unblock negotiations, providing sophisticated insurance solutions beyond the traditional W&I/R&W insurance. Listed companies, blue chips and strategic acquirors in UK, Europe and the USA have used our M&A IP products in acquisitions of all sorts of businesses including AAA game developers, ultra-luxury fashion manufacturers, high-end athleisure wear designers and manufacturers of complex scientific instruments. We have covered a broad manner of IP risks, from loss of trade secrets to identified patent infringement exposure, gaps in IP chain of title to forward looking technology integration risks.


We look forward to an exciting year of further product innovation in 2022 and continuing to work with our broker partners to increase the relevance and effectiveness of transactional insurance to the market.

Read our brochure to learn more.

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